Top 6 Google Search Tips For Journalists

Top 6 Google Search Tips For Journalists

Use tips in combination to maximize results.

1. Site Search


Use site: to restrict by domain (org, ca) or website ( Enter search term before or after site:url. No space after the colon.

2. Exclude Terms


Exclude as many terms as you like (before or after search term). No spaces after minus.

3. OR Operator


Use it to focus on two or more specific terms (including synonyms). OR must be capitalized.

4. Double Quotes


Look for an exact phrase or uncommon spelling. The example only searches Russell with two Ls.

5. Wildcard *


Variants for a word combination. Example results include “bank prime rate” & “bank lending rate”.

6. Related Sites


Lists similar web pages. This example searches competitors to the Chinese marketplace Alibaba.


Want more tips?

Download our Google Search Tips For Journalists Guide:

Google Search Tips For Journalists guide


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