Expertise Finder Founders

While working as a TV producer I struggled to find people with the right expertise to interview. My work as a journalist started with reports for CBC Radio from Moldova and Kazakhstan.

Ebrahim Ashrafizadeh

I believe in using software to solve inefficiencies. I have designed an interface for radars, written automation code for a production-line packaging device, and generated heating profiles for jet engines.

Early history of Expertise Finder

  • Stavros was working as a TV producer struggling to find academics to interview
  • 2010 accepted into the VeloCity Garage incubator (University of Waterloo)
  • 2011 launched network of academic experts
  • 2012 built cloud based experts directory software
  • 2012 first clients for Kosmos experts directory software
Today we have over 2 million visitors per year and help clients from across North America promote their experts

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