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List of Faculty Experts Directories in New York State

List of Faculty Experts Directories in New York State

Only 18% of universities and four year colleges in the New York State have a faculty experts directory. Here is a list.

New York is at the center of media, finance and more in the United States, and to a large extent the world. But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to find professors with specific expertise in New York State.

While working as a journalist I rarely found such a list. I was often looking for a professor because faculty experts are usually able to speak openly. So I’m happy to share this list:

Baruch College

Binghamton University

Columbia University

Excelsior College

Fordham University

Hunter College

Lehman College

New York University

Queens College

Suny Albany

Suny Oswego

The New School Parsons

University of Buffalo

University of Rochester

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If we missed any please add them in comments.


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