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How We Went Viral After Poynter Article

How We Went Viral After Poynter Article

First posted July 31, 2015, additional articles added as come out.

I did a Q&A with Poynter reporter Kristen Hare on Monday [July 27, 2015] and it exploded across Twitter. We continue to see a surge in traffic and a flood of emails.

We created Expertise Finder to solve a frustration I had as a journalist, a pleasure to see it resonate with more of my journalist peers.

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Then Twitter Took Over

Some highlights:

Resulted in These Articles from Around the World


Brazil’s “New York Times”.

“[H]elps journalists find academic experts who can comment on the latest happenings around the world” (full article requires registration)


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“Beyond the undisputed leadership of the Internet giant [Google], there are other useful tools”

Original: “Más allá del liderazgo indiscutido del gigante de Internet [Google], hay otros motores útiles”


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“Helps journalists find experts”

United Kingdom

We were featured in a top five list of useful journalism tools around the web on a UK based journalism platform.


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“[S}ection where we collect links to technological innovations in the world of information”.

Original: “La rubrica dove rac­co­gliamo i link per non per­dere le novità tec­no­lo­gi­che nel mondo dell’informazione”.



Called us as an alternative to Google for finding experts. 

Then this follow up article:


Clases De Periodismo, a Spanish language publication dedicated to helping journalists find the most helpful tools for their craft, covered our service and the Poynter interview.


Russian-based covered us as a tool that will increasingly become useful to digital journalists.


“Stavros Rougas often found himself in a circumstance nearly every chase producer experiences: searching for people with specific expertise to participate in panel discussions or comment on a news story on a very short timeline.”: Note: this article was not the result of Poynter article. Must give J-Source journalist credit, it came out a few days after Poynter article and is part of an ongoing media trend.

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“Google for Journalists”


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“Specialist for Journalists to Find Experts”



“Search engine for journalists”


“Works just as well as Google”

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