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Demetrios Demetriades, University of Southern California

Demetrios Demetriades

University of Southern California

Experts on wound care are sought after by healthcare professionals as their broad range of skills allows them to be used in a wide variety of areas. They are in demand in a variety of health areas. Among them are emergency medical care, surgery, traumatic situations requiring care and treatment, and burn wounds. Some types of wounds may require long-term treatment.

Wound care is an extremely complex and detailed process, mistakes can cause pain, stall healing and even lead to litigation in part because it is something a patient can immediately see. In a legal dispute an expert wound treatment specialist may also be asked to review prior work and draw a conclusion as to whether work was done appropriately.

In cases of a lawsuit the wound expert to be used needs to show the availability of appropriate experience and knowledge in relation to the specific type of wound and treatment options. His or her conclusions need to be as clear and detailed as possible.

In most cases, he or she will need to deal with injuries, as well as other types of accidents that required urgent medical attention.

The main questions for such specialists include:

  • whether the treatment of the wound done correctly

  • timeliness of the treatment (including time between treatments)

All this is important due to the fact that any negligence on the part of the nurse or physician can lead to serious consequences for the patient’s health, as well as subsequent litigation and legal proceedings.

Wound care experts as part of litigation often look at situations where a nurse or doctor’s failure to provide adequate care to patients or nursing home clients has led to serious problems.

Most wound care experts hold a medical certificate as a doctor or nurse. Health care aids also commonly help with wound care.

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