Solar Energy Experts Directory

Stephen J. Harrison, Queen’s University

Stephen J. Harrison

Queen’s University

Cynthia Cruickshank, Carleton University

Cynthia Cruickshank

Carleton University

Liam O'Brien, Carleton University

Liam O'Brien

Carleton University

Vijay Modi, Columbia University

Vijay Modi

Columbia University

With more attention being paid to environmental issues there is a push for new ways to generate clean electricity. Solar power has seen rapid development and this has led to great innovation and demand for solar energy technologies.

The technology behind solar energy is complex in part as it has to adapt to different locations and ever changing underlying technology. This can lead to challenges where an assessment by an expert is required.

When something goes wrong it can even lead to litigation. Solar panels litigation can relate to fire, personal injury, negligence, defects, environmental impacts, and general construction problems.

Experts in solar energy need to have expertise in one or more of them technical areas:

  • Power distribution
  • Principles of energy-saving
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Collection of information
  • Analyzing data
  • Thermal systems
  • Development, modernization, installation, and operation of solar panels
  • Standardization (devices and their components are built to standards, it is imperative that all parts meet required standards)


Solar energy experts often have knowledge of meteorology, electronics, operation of semiconductors, polymers or HVAC.

Engineers, material scientists, and geographers are best suited to solar energy related work. They have the background and experience to access problems, propose solutions and understand the potential consequences.

Solar Energy Experts Directory

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