Silicon Experts

Jillian Buriak, University of Alberta

Jillian Buriak

University of Alberta

Silicon has been a cornerstone in the rapid development of electronics. Today we take for granted the ability to carry a high powered computer in our pocket. 

Silicon is used in numerous types of devices in large part due to its high resistance to heat and excellent conductivity.

Consulting silicon experts is especially valuable when you need information about the use of polymer. For example, in the event of defects or other problems associated with a product a silicon expert can analyze the available information to determine the causes of the problem in order to as help pinpoint where it occurred or who is responsible.

It is worth noting that experts in this field have extensive knowledge of other metals, alloys, plastics, resins, composites and manufacturing materials. Regardless of the specific type of material, each one must meet all the requirements and quality standards specified in the relevant regulations and standards. All this ensures a high level of safety during operation and during production.

Silicon experts also have knowledge of product development, design, and testing since all these industries are also associated with the creation of a final product.

Given the complex engineering involved in silicon related manufacturing, patients are often involved. A silicon expert can be called upon when disputes around patents occur.

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