Payroll Experts

Jonathan Rhys Kesselman, Simon Fraser University

Jonathan Rhys Kesselman

Simon Fraser University

People expect to get paid correctly. When there are payroll problems it can cause major issues within a company and can even lead to litigation. While these problems are rarely intentional, all issues related to salary, wages or taxation are of great concern to employees.

To deal with such problems, disputes or employee frustration it can be wise to involve experts in payroll calculation and payment. Such specialists typically have extensive accounting experience as it is needed to understand all the intricacies of the payroll process and the advanced skills to identify and correct problems.

The list of skills of such experts includes:

  1. Knowledge on how to audit wages

  2. Principles of tax preparation

  3. Skills in cash flow analysis

  4. Preparation of financial statements

  5. Accounting for emerging costs

Such specialists can also work on the preparation of relevant documentation, as well as create and implement specific policies regarding the dismissal and payment of employee wages.

Such specialists generally have the ability to conduct:

  1. Analysis of financial statements and preparation of results
  2. Provision of forensic accounting services
  3. Calculation of damage when related to litigation

You can typically count on years of work experience in accounting departments or accounting firms.

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