Pathology Experts

Nicole A. Cipriani, University of Chicago

Nicole A. Cipriani

University of Chicago

Gladell P. Paner, University of Chicago

Gladell P. Paner

University of Chicago

Pathology experts tend to study the causes and results of injury or disease.

Research results in the field of pathology are formed using samples of tissues, fluids and/or organs. Such tests require forensic laboratories. Results are used for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of a wide range of diseases as well as understanding a cause of death.

Pathology studies cut across branches of medical knowledge. They include molecular biology, urology, oncology, gynecology, pediatrics, hematology, and infectious diseases.

In most court cases where a death has occured a forensic medical examination is required to assess the corpse to determine the cause of death. This is done by a pathologist. Tissue samples are taken from the corpse and tested in a laboratory and by the pathologist. This procedure can determine the cause of death or identify a victim.

This medical specialty is in high demand in certain industrial sectors to help develop ways to reduce risk to workers and improve health. All which support increased productivity.

Pathology can be associated not only with medicine but also with the agricultural industry, namely, issues related to supporting plant life. The study of landscaping and gardening are two areas that can be used to determine the characteristics of the life cycle of plants to help improve production and preserve agriculture.

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