Mathematics Experts Directory

Joseph Rosenstein, Rutgers University

Joseph Rosenstein

Rutgers University

Jason I. Brown, Dalhousie University

Jason I. Brown

Dalhousie University

Frank Ruskey, University of Victoria

Frank Ruskey

University of Victoria

Ronnie Sircar, Princeton University

Ronnie Sircar

Princeton University

Mathematics as a science is defined as a systematic study of the relationships between symbolic quantities as well as figures and forms.

Organizations and businesses have roles for those with extensive experience in the study of numbers, for example, a statistician.

Specialists with math skills are engaged in work including the development of quantitative models for assessing and managing interest rates, as well as credit risks in banking, financial modeling, and numerical methods of analysis. Their involvement allows for the analysis of the reliability of various products and processes.

It is worth noting that many such experts have the knowledge and skills of building mathematical models that allow them to identify optimal sequences for strategic planning, reliability analysis, and forecasting functionality. Consequently, such specialists are able to assess potential risks and costs that could arise in a particular system, and also be in a position to suggest ways to optimize how something works.

In some cases, they may be involved in court cases related to controversial situations and conflicts over the calculation or interpretation of numbers.

Mathematics Experts Directory

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