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Brian Larson, Widener University

Brian Larson

Widener University

Judith Austin, Boston University

Judith Austin

Boston University

Joseph Stasio, Merrimack College

Joseph Stasio

Merrimack College

Marketing is a common term that everyone has come across. However, few realize how many areas there are to marketing. Marketing includes branding, advertising, design, work with trademarks, licensing, product development, distribution, and promotion.

Marketing experts have a wide range of skills that enable them to choose from a variety of specializations. For example, one option is to work with trademark concepts or work in the marketing of franchise operations.

However, common to all of these areas is the fact that the marketing strategy requires compliance with a wide range of legal details. It must not violate the law on trademarks, copyrights or intellectual property.

Another requirement is to accurately provide information, that is, it cannot be distorted or manipulated to make a point that is not true. Do not mislead consumers by creating false claims in marketing strategies. This can cause longer term damage and should not be used to promote a product or service. Thus, it is good practice to consult with a specialist on all legal and moral issues related to marketing in the real world.

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