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John Strauss, University of Southern California

John Strauss

University of Southern California

Edward L. Schneider, University of Southern California

Edward L. Schneider

University of Southern California

Life expectancy experts often deal with forecasting. Their insights are used to support healthcare decisions.

Life insurance is a field where experts in life expectancy are important. They need to analyze statistics related to deaths in the context of future projections for health in order to set life insurance rates and determine coverage. It is an imprecise science. It includes individual measures related to lifestyle.

For an insurance company being a little bit more accurate can lead to great profitability or avoid losses. A reasonably accurate calculation of mortality (dead rates) is key to profitable, yet competitive, insurance policy premiums.

In court, life expectancy experts can be called upon to help determine the costs of a successful claim. For example, how many working years and at what income level were lost due to an accident.

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