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Joseph Walsh, Northwestern University

Joseph Walsh

Northwestern University

Robert Fedosejevs, University of Alberta

Robert Fedosejevs

University of Alberta

Donna Strickland, University of Waterloo

Donna Strickland

University of Waterloo

Lasers are widely used in various industries. There is a need for laser specialists to have different areas of training, which allows a laser expert to subsequently work in narrower and narrower specialties.

The laser is used in industries including: ophthalmology, dentistry, bioengineering, entertainment, mechanical engineering, physics, radiology, and different types of surgery.

All these industries can potentially lead to litigation, which will require the involvement of specialists who have the skills to work with this category of litigation. In the course of such litigation they share the specifics of the use of the laser, potential errors during its use, and side effects that can lead to health or safety issues.

This affects almost all medical industries where the laser is used as a treatment tool, since they all come with a certain level of risk of injury. Thus, such cases very often require the intervention of a laser expert in the field of medicine, namely ophthalmology, dentistry and dermatology.

You should also take into account the fact that lasers, like any other technology, can be challenged for copyright and patent infringement because the technology is evolving and is being developed by many companies. Therefore, an expert in the use of lasers has relevant experience in patent disputes.

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