Labor Experts

Daniel Graff, University of Notre Dame

Daniel Graff

University of Notre Dame

Maria O'Brien Hylton, Boston University

Maria O'Brien Hylton

Boston University

Peter Doeringer, Boston University

Peter Doeringer

Boston University

Good employee management is key to any successful organization no matter the size or industry. Labor management is an area of human resource management which creates and helps implement a set of rules, policies and regulations that determine how employees work and how employees are managed.

Labor disputes are common. Whether the dispute is dealt with internally or it leads to the courts, experts in labor management can be bought in. Labour management experts can work for the employee (e.g. via their union) or the company itself (e.g. to justify termination).

Human resource experts can provide insights into areas such as corporate policy, labor economics, business operations, employee training, workplace injury, employee benefits, labor regulations, wage regulations, vocational rehabilitation, health care coverage, conflict management, performance assessment, labor disputes, employee safety, wrongful dismissal, occupational safety, employee confidentiality, employment contract disputes, and payroll discrepancy.

This is a wide range of areas and to make it even more complex they cross all industries. This is why there are so many specialities such as labor management. Any of the above areas can be part of expensive litigation where an expert can be a key to success. Labor management experts are engaged to help find a solution or compromise that suits all parties in conflict.

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