Gun Experts

Ronald C. Tyler, Stanford University

Ronald C. Tyler

Stanford University

Grant Reeher, Syracuse University

Grant Reeher

Syracuse University

Darryl Davies, Carleton University

Darryl Davies

Carleton University

Firearms are a core part of security measures for organizations like the police, but also a cornerstone of criminal activity.

When studying situations related to the use of firearms, weapons specialists are often involved. These specialists tend to have experience working in law enforcement agencies. These experts are able to share invaluable insight in the areas of forensic science, ballistics, weapon safety and related fields. These areas are key to solving crimes and convicting criminals in courts.

Related to the use of guns by police, weapons experts tend to know the rules surrounding the use of weapons by law enforcement officers, the policy governing the use of force, the features of patrolling and other areas of police service work. The gun expert can play a role in investigating police misconduct and any subsequent court cases.

Weapons experts also assess crime scenes and then provide reports. If needed, the weapons expert can then provide testimony in court to explain their findings. An example is determining the trajectory of a bullet to understand the actions of all participants in the shooting. 

Some gun specialists have expertise in wounds from various types of weapons. In total, a weapons expert can draw conclusions about a specific incident to help solve a crime.

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