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Given the tremendous growth of online shopping it is no surprise that online marketing has become a large field in itself. It is the key part of marketing for many businesses.

Internet marketers work across industries. They need to understand a cross section of traditional marketing like advertising and target marketing as well as possess a certain technical level. Some even have a background in software development.

An important field within digital marketing is e-commerce. The e-commerce expert needs to understand:

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Traffic conversions
  3. Web content writing
  4. Web design UI/UX
  5. Marketing strategies
  6. E-commerice website maintenance and management
  7. Product development
  8. Competitive strategies
  9. Consumer research
  10. Industry trends
  11. Usability best practices
  12. Media marketing
  13. PPC
  14. Email marketing
  15. SEO
  16. Keyword research
  17. Google Analytics
  18. Paid social media


Given the numerous potential areas of expertise there are subfields within e-commerce. For example, someone may focus on creating strategies for a specific market segment.

Another important area of digital marketing is the management and regulation of copyright and patents. They can be key to protecting a market position or to avoid being sued. Given that copyright and patents issues can quickly get into the millions, management needs to ensure that the marketing team is supporting the copyright and patents strategy.

In a copyright or patent dispute, which often ends up in court, digital marketing experts can be called upon to create reports on infringement or non-infringement of these rights. Determining whether the use of a trademark or a part of a technology is an infringement is often complicated. This is why cases can take years and bring in numerous experts.

Also, a digital marketing manager can be involved in cases related to human resources such as non-compliance with contract clauses, unfair business practices, social media misuse and online defamation.