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Atif Mian, Princeton University

Atif Mian

Princeton University

Gérard Duhaime, Université Laval

Gérard Duhaime

Université Laval

Debt experts can be used in lawsuits. This is primarily due to the broad interpretation of the term “debt”, which can be considered as any amount of money that one side owes to the other or to several at once. Such financial issues can be resolved with the participation of debt experts.

In most cases, debt implies precisely the monetary side of the issue, although, this term can also affect other material objects. The assistance of experts on debt obligations is to provide an up-to-date list of information on the principles of real estate appraisal, finance, corporate accounting rules, as well as work with securities.

It is worth noting that debt experts often have significant experience in certain economic areas, such as brokerage. Experience in such industries is extremely important because it helps make it possible to win cases. Consequently, having the skills to work with credit analysis, risk assessment, banking operations, forecasting, business valuation features, as well as securities will be extremely useful when dealing with debt.

In some situations, knowledge and experience from the real estate industry can be useful, because in many situations debt is directly related to real estate. Thus, it is best if the debt expert has experience with these types of cases as well.

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