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Gord Lovegrove, University of British Columbia

Gord Lovegrove

University of British Columbia

Surajit Sen, State University of New York at Buffalo

Surajit Sen

State University of New York at Buffalo

Court proceedings, as well as accompanying incidents, may require the presence of collision experts. Their presence provides valuable information. Such information usually includes the reconstruction of collisions, safety and accident issues, cause-and-effect relationships of injuries and traffic. It is the knowledge of such experts that can become key in the case of conflict litigation.

Thus, such experts are quite often involved in the course of court hearings, during which they provide an expert opinion on the results of the investigation and reconstruction of the incident. It should be noted that such specialists often have specific experience in dealing with road traffic accidents, are able to tell in great detail the dynamics of the vehicle, its trajectory, as well as the causes of the accident.

At the same time, collision specialists can talk in more detail about mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and related industries, since it is on them that the safety of the device design largely depends. Hence, they understand car electrical systems, car defects and the reasons that cause them.

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