Climate Experts

Climate experts have experience in assessing weather risks associated with disasters such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, droughts, heavy rainfall, storms, lightning and other weather related disasters. They rely on radars, satellite images, and other technologies to study the environment.

It is important to note the difference between meteorology and climatology. Meteorology is concerned with short-term forecasts, meaning for hours, days or weeks. Climatology looks at macro trends for a particular region, continent or the globe.

Meteorology experts and climatology experts can help forecast forest fire risk or during a forest fire where it will move and whether it will increase or decrease. This can end fires faster and save lives by evacuating citizens in a timely manner. When a fire is prevented from starting or growing, this also saves money in firefighting costs and lowers the risk of property damage or injury.

Climatology relies on data analysis, statistics, scientific visualization, and weather research. Such experts have extensive knowledge of the science of the atmosphere, which determines weather conditions.

Consulting with a climate expert may be needed in case of weather related lawsuits or if the weather is a determining factor in the facts of the case. In court, a lawyer can call upon a climate scientist’s expertise in meteorology or different weather forecasting techniques to help convince a judge or a jury to support his or her case.

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