Climate Change Experts

Mea S. Cook, Williams College

Mea S. Cook

Williams College

Cynthia Rosenzweig, Columbia University

Cynthia Rosenzweig

Columbia University

Mary-Elena Carr, Columbia University

Mary-Elena Carr

Columbia University

Martin Bunzl, Rutgers University

Martin Bunzl

Rutgers University

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Given the problems climate change is causing it is no surprise that the need for climate change experts is growing. There are numerous subfields related to the climate that often work together as the issues lack simple answers.

Climate change experts are faced with questions from a cross section of areas since ecology is related to all human activity and to a lesser extend animal activity.

Litigation is a growing weapon in the fight against climate change. It often touches on health (human or animal) or damage from climate change-related natural disasters. During these cases climate change experts are brought in to help establish climate related impacts and costs.

The work of a climate change specialist applies to fields including:

  1. insurance against natural disasters
  2. emergency preparedness services
  3. weather risk assessment
  4. atmospheric modeling
  5. floods
  6. rain impacts
  7. storm studies
  8. tornado studies
  9. managing forest fires
  10. ecology
  11. greenhouses
  12. biodiversity

Climate change experts are also able to provide useful information on these and more areas:

  1. environmental pollution
  2. air quality
  3. environmental standards
  4. natural disasters
  5. assessment of hurricane damage
  6. storm damage
  7. weather forecasting
  8. industrial hygiene assessment
  9. atmospheric sciences
  10. meteorology
  11. climatology
  12. environmental engineering
  13. botany
  14. plant pathology
  15. plant microbiology
  16. oceanography
  17. coastal engineering