Broadband Experts

David Falconer, Carleton University

David Falconer

Carleton University

Expert In:



Catherine Middleton, Ryerson University

Catherine Middleton

Ryerson University

Expert In:



John Andrew Silvester, University of Southern California

John Andrew Silvester

University of Southern California

A broadband expert has experience in telecommunications, business support systems, digital switching, wireless technologies, networking and multimedia technologies.

Experts in broadband can be involved in intellectual property cases, as well as patents related to computer networks and wireless systems. IP disputes are becoming increasingly common.

Some of these experts have significant experience in conducting research in the field of electrical and computer technology. This allows them to advise on emerging trends.

Broadband experts are often called upon to deal with regulation. In the United States the main organ of establishing these rules is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Experts in broadband can advise on the speed of information transmission and the distribution of false advertising.

The fight over net neutrality has helped to increase lawsuits. Consumer rights organizations challenging large technology companies is one example. Many lawsuits relate to companies allegedly misleading users.

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