Bridges Experts

Lamya Amleh, Ryerson University

Lamya Amleh

Ryerson University

Cities are often built near water. Within cities there are rivers and streams that require the construction of bridges in order for the city to grow and to ensure a strong economy.

Bridge construction is complex and if not done well it can lead to major long term expenses and even death if part of a bridge collapses.

Numerous engineers are invoiced in the construction of bridges, including bridge experts. They need to work as a team with architects and those doing the actual construction. The local climate and budget considerations have a major impact on each project.

A bridge specialist must have a wide variety of knowledge and experience working on complex engineering solutions. A bridge engineer normally has a degree in civil engineering. They have knowledge in these areas and more:

  • construction management
  • conducting a forensic examination
  • geology
  • construction contracts
  • land development
  • seismic risks
  • safety of workers
  • drawing up contracts with employees
  • safe demolition


Bridges can lead to litigation. This can be during the planning, building or even years after it is built. To help establish facts or to support one side of the case, bridge experts are hired to provide expertise. They deal with issues that include construction delays, potential construction defects, accidents during construction and bridge collapses.

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