Branding Experts

Kenneth B. Wong, Queen’s University

Kenneth B. Wong

Queen’s University

Gurprit S. Kindra, University of Ottawa

Gurprit S. Kindra

University of Ottawa

Branding is a key to building awareness of a product or service to ensure new and return customers in a competitive market.

A branding expert has experience with various aspects of a product or service. A brand normally consists of a name, image, symbol and markers that allow a product or service to be uniquely identified.

Brand building is an essential part of a marketing campaign. It helps present a product, service, or other activities of an organization to its intended target. Branding experts can run product differentiation campaigns to improve business identity and gain a competitive edge.

The brand promotion strategy needs to take into account the functionality of the product, without this the awareness doesn’t bring in people who will buy. Brand building experts bring to the table knowledge of specific industries as well as general skills ranging from style and public relations to entrepreneurship and business.

If a company is taken to court over its brand or it suits another company, a branding expert can advise on possible violations of intellectual property, copyright, patent laws and fraudulent marketing strategies.

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