Bitcoin Experts

Arvind Narayanan, Princeton University

Arvind Narayanan

Princeton University

George Bragues, University of Guelph

George Bragues

University of Guelph

Brendan Stewart, University of Guelph

Jean-Paul Lam

University of Waterloo

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Bitcon is the largest and the most well known cryptocurrency. It is based on blockchain technology which has only recently become widely used. The technology surrounding cryptocurrencies is evolving quickly.

Bitcoin is difficult to classify. One place it is put is in the category of specialized payment systems. As a form of payment this brings about a plethora of legal issues. As well, given the large valuations of cryptocurrencies there are ongoing disputes and increasing regulation. This is why Bitcoin experts are in demand.

A Bitcoin expert can have knowledge in a wide variety of fields ranging from finance to digital technologies that are used to conduct transactions. Many Bitcoin experts are self taught, which is a challenge given that one needs to find a way to determine credibility and expertise.

Legal claims related to Bitcoin touch:

  • banking
  • computer security
  • finance
  • accounting
  • ordering services
  • credit cards
  • encryption
  • telecommunications
  • e-commerce


It is difficult to identify and hire a Bitcoin expert who will carry weight during a court case. Cryptocurrency is new, so a cryptocurrency expert is hard to find in general.

Here are some common areas that Bitcoin experts are asked about:

  • mining Bitcoin
  • environmental impact
  • data security
  • electronic payments
  • currency rules
  • electronic money transfers
  • ability to use to purchase