Battery Experts

Yet-Ming Chiang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Yet-Ming Chiang

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gillian Goward, McMaster University

Gillian Goward

McMaster University

Brendan Stewart, University of Guelph

Linda Nazar

University of Waterloo

Most people use a smartphone, tablet and/or laptop. These devices allow for complete mobility, which is achieved by the ability to recharge the lithium-ion batteries used to power these devices. But the technology behind lithium-ion batteries while ideal for portability is not without challenges that can lead to financial liability and in extreme cases injury. Such dangerous situations have included fires and small explosions.

All smartphones use lithium-ion batteries, most of which contain flammable liquids. The battery heats up when a thin sheet of plastic is punctured between the positive and negative sides of the battery, causing a short circuit. This situation has the potential to lead to fires and explosions. Consequently, lawsuits and litigation in this industry can occur.

When a problem arises there are experts in the technology and real world usage of lithium based batteries to turn to. These specialists can assess what happened, determine the causes of the incident, as well as other complex details.

These professionals have a wide range of knowledge and experience in the development of battery technology, the development and commercialization of smartphone products, the principles of manufacturing integrated circuits, and the manufacturing of lithium batteries. Further specialized knowledge includes the development of semiconductors, various types of electronics, displays, and optoelectronic technologies.

All this knowledge and experience allows one to accurately understand issues related to patent litigation, the causes of damage to smartphones batteries, as well as problems with wireless devices.

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