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Irene Gregory-Eaves, McGill University

Irene Gregory-Eaves

McGill University

Water activities including water sports are part of summer for many. It is a great way to spend time and be active. But even fun comes with risk, especially when using motorised devices. The risk of injury is real. When an injury happens it can lead to a lawsuit.

A court case often requires one or more experts around water sports or water activities in order to establish what happened and to establish liability or lack of liability.

Such experts can have knowledge of:

  1. water safety

  2. how to operate around waters

  3. principles of designing water bodies

  4. accident prevention

  5. marine engineering

  6. specific water sports

Given that the specifics of what was taking place can vary, experts specialize in a specific area or areas. For example, a boating expert normally has specific knowledge of boating accidents, commercial craft, recreational craft, navigation, coast guard, transport safety, maritime rules and/or maritime regulations. These experts are often tasked with forming a conclusion about the accident, its causes, as well as the sources of the incident.

Other categories of aquatic experts may specialize in pool design, diving jumps or features of water structures. Such conditions require an understanding of the special safety measures needed to prevent accidents in the pool.

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