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Tom Scott, University of Waterloo

Tom Scott

University of Waterloo

Tilly Jensen, Athabasca University

Tilly Jensen

Athabasca University

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David Sharp, Western University

David Sharp

Western University

Eric Yeung, Cornell University

Eric Yeung

Cornell University

Accounting professionals specialize in one or more specific area. They include international accounting, investigative accounting, business valuation methods, economic loss assessment, principles of financial analysis and reporting, financial reporting, fraude, tax as well as management accounting.

Business related litigation often requires the involvement of experienced accounting experts, including those with forensic accounting qualifications. Their involvement is necessary to form an assessment of financial aspects. Moreover, each case may require the involvement of specialists in order to give authority to conclusions and provide an objective assessment.

Accounting experts can have a major influence on a case since they are responsible for maintaining or assessing the accounting and financial side of a business. This is due to the fact that all enterprises involve some financial activity and money is often at the heart of a dispute.

An accountant when doing his or her job well acts as a protector of the enterprise from financial risks and fraud.

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