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It can be difficult to determine the specific causes of an accident after the fact. This is why there is a need for help to assess the situation, determine the causes and who is responsible, as well as potential ways to prevent such an accident.

Many factors can be the cause of an unexpected accident, and therefore it is important to find a specialist who deals with accidents in a particular industry or situation.

Automobile accidents are common. For a car accident a specialist must have knowledge of the rules of the road, as well as a deep understanding of vehicle mechanics. Further knowledge can include collision analysis and modeling, especially the human factor, trauma analysis in order to be able to collect data on a failure, features of the terrain and conditions where the accident occurred, and human kinetics.

An expert on car accidents will often recreate the scene of the incident to help access the consequences of the accident and create a report. As part of this process they study medical records, autopsy reports, injuries, photos, videos, and inspect the vehicle(s) depending on what is available. Each of these factors will help clarify what happened.

Litigation related to car accidents typically involves such experts since it is often quite difficult to determine the specific cause of the accident or there is a dispute as to what exactly happened.

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