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Most frequently asked questions about Expertise Finder

Expertise Finder is a software company founded in 2011 with the office in Toronto, Ontario. It specializes in building and supporting cloud-based Experts Directories for higher education institutions and research organizations. Our software is used by faculties, universities, colleges and various research organizations across North America. Our expert directories help higher education institutions promote faculty and researchers to industry partners, the media, and potential graduate students. As well it becomes a go-to collaboration software tool within the university. The new generation expert directories are powered by Expertise Finder’s Google-like search engine technology. 

Foremost, Expertise Finder’s Experts Network is an open-source online network of experts designed to connect journalists with subject matter experts instantly. The Expertise Finder’s Experts Network is a searchable database of academic profiles of university and college faculty. The directory is designed to help journalists, industry partners and those looking for expert witnesses find the specific expertise they need, help experts spread the word about their subject matter expertise, and, for academic institutions, build a strong brand and media presence.


Whether for a specific faculty or for a media relations effort across the college we know what the needs, and at times challenges, are.


We have a experience working with Canadian universities, which a overwhelmingly public, and appreciate the difference needs from American colleges. 

Stavros Rougas is a co-founder. While working as a TV producer he struggled to find people with the right expertise to interview. His work as a journalist started with radio reports for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC Radio) from Moldova and Kazakhstan.

Ebrahim Ashrafizadeh is a co-founder. Before designing and building the core of Expertise Finder he designed an interface for radars, wrote automation code for a production-line packaging device, and generated heating profiles for jet engines.

Expertise Finder was founded in 2011 in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

A brief history of Expertise Finder:

  • Stavros Rougas was working as a TV producer struggling to find academics to interview
  • Stavros and Ebrahim Ashrafizadeh met in 2010
  • 2010 they were accepted to the VeloCity Garage incubator connected with the University of Waterloo which has jump-started numerous leading startups
  • Fall 2010: software prototype was built in Java
  • 201: launched our network of academic experts
  • 2012: built first cloud-based experts directory for a university
  • 2014: changed the name to Expertise Finder

Third-party business profiles on Expertise Finder:



While working as a TV producer co-founder Stavros thought there must be a better way to find academic experts. There wasn’t.

Co-founder Ebrahim, who is a full-stack developer, ensures Expertise Finder is intuitive like Google and built for the mobile era. 

Speaking with someone with a depth of expertise is a basis for innovation and spreading fact-based information. In this academics have an important role to play.