Data Security and Privacy Statement for Atlassian Apps by Expertise Finder

This data security and privacy policy describes what data Expertise Finder collects and how Expertise Finder treats your personal data.

If you download and install an Expertise Finder app from the marketplace, which is not free of charge, Atlassian provides Expertise Finder with contact details of your technical contact including name, last name, email address and company name.

Expertise Finder may use the email address to ask about experiences with apps, ask for feature suggestions or inform about new developments. 

You can cancel this subscription at any time by writing an email to

Expertise Finder doesn’t collect any data from apps installed on your instances.

 Expertise Finder collects and stores any data and information sent by email as well as the answers to those emails. This also applies to emails to Expertise Finder support and information provided in Expertise Finder service desk.

Expertise Finder will neither sell nor share your data with any third parties unless explicitly permitted by applicable law.

If you disagree with this policy do not use Expertise Finder apps and don’t communicate with Expertise Finder via email or service desk.

If you have concerns or questions regarding this policy feel free to contact Expertise Finder at