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3 Quick Google Tips to Find Experts & Info Faster

3 Quick Google Tips to Find Experts & Info Faster

1. Site Search “site:”

Search exclusively on a specific website. Type site: then the URL you want to search along with the search term(s).

You can enter the search term before site:URL:

site Google search before text

Or after:

site Google search after text

2. Exclude Term “-term”

Take out a term(s) from what factors into the search to quickly narrow results:

Google search minus a term

You can use more than one term:

Google search minus two terms

This means the Google search will exclude the terms car and/or truck, but other than that it will be the same.

3. Related Sites “related:”

Get a short list of sites similar to one you are interested in. A focused way to expand your search after you have found a useful site:

Google search related sites

If You Want To Go Deeper

1. Google Advanced Search

To access the above and more Google search options:

a. If you are on Google homepage (have not already conducted a search) → Settings → Advanced Search

Google advanced search in footer

b. If you have already conducted a search in upper right hand corner the Gear Box icon will have appeared

Gear box icon → Advanced Search

google gear box

2. Course: Google Search for Journalists

For a thorough, yet accessible, overview of Google search I recommend this free online course by Nicholas Whitaker of Google News Labs. It consists of 40 minutes of videos.

3.  Journalist’s Toolbox

An excellent general resource, it’s an updated list of tools for journalists. It ranges from expert finding to data visualization.

Want more tips?

Download our Google Search Tips For Journalists Guide:

Google Search Tips For Journalists guide


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