While working as a TV producer Stavros thought there must
be a better way to find experts. There wasn't.

Programmer Ebrahim ensures Expertise Finder is
intuitive like Google and built for the mobile era.

Our philosophy is that less can be more. Speaking with someone
with specific expertise is a basis for quality content.

Stavros Rougas

Stavros Rougas


While working as a TV producer I struggled to find people with the right expertise to interview. My work as a journalist started with reports for CBC Radio from Moldova and Kazakhstan.

I'm insatiably curious. I have worked as an election observer across the former USSR. I speak French, Russian and Greek.

Ebrahim Ashrafizadeh

Ebrahim Ashrafizadeh


I believe in using software to solve inefficiencies. I have designed an interface for radars, written automation code for a production-line packaging device, and generated heating profiles for jet engines.

My most enjoyable engineering challenge was assembling a "smart" boxing speed bag while studying Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

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Co-Founder as Expert on TV

Stavros Rougas on The Agenda with Steve Paikin about situation in Ukraine.

Huffington Post founder Adrianna Huffington with Stavros Rougas

Crimea and Transnistria

Co-founder Stavros Rougas on TV comparing Ukraine and Crimea to neighbouring Moldova and Transnistria (Sun News Network)

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