Case Study:
Ryerson University Experts Directory

Powered by Expertise Finder


Ryerson University has 40,000 students and 780 faculty members. It offers undergraduate, master’s and PhD programs. Located in downtown Toronto, it is surrounded by major Canadian media outlets.


Ryerson University is up against a much larger university down the street with more money. They were looking for a competitive advantage without increasing staffing needs.

Internally they wanted a tool to respond to media requests faster, identify experts to push out to media, and create marketing material.


6% annual increase in earned media since adopting Expertise Finder.

350% increase in Google traffic in first year alone.

While Google traffic was not a primary goal for having Expertise Finder power their experts directory, it has revealed an opportunity with no addition time or cost commitment.

Journalists have the mobile-friendly experts directory they asked for. Add in the speed and quality of search and journalists call it ‘intuitive’. In time they have come to take these features for granted and use them to compare to other experts directories.

Management has identified opportunities through analytics reports. These numbers have validated anecdotal evidence like busiest periods and popular areas where they have considered increasing the number of experts listed. Additionally, it has provided insight into areas not previous considered targets such as particular cities and organizations.

Staff can respond to media inquiries instantly and find experts that were previously unintentionally hidden. This has been especially useful for new or junior team members. In addition staff can now create new profiles and update the directory in real time.

Staff can now move at the speed of news.


By breaking with their traditional model of building their Faculty Experts Directory in house, Ryerson University Public Relations is increasing earned media coverage by 6% annually.

From decision to a live directory in days, not months. No I.T. needed.

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