Research Paper Highlights:
Benefits of an Expertise Finding Tool

Lynn Wu, The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania
Journal Information Systems Research

Higher University Rankings:
Long Term Relationship Building

“[U]sers of Expertise-Find were able to form some lasting relationships with individuals found using the tool. Some users have noted that the relationship has evolved beyond the purpose of one-time information acquisition; they have also interacted with the experts repeatedly and sometimes in social settings.”

Why Journalists Want Higher Education Experts Finding Tool

“Because Expertise-Find can effectively locate the source of information, it reduces the search cost of finding information that is ultimately affecting performance.”

“[B]y contacting people from the search result, users are more likely to reach out to a distant group of people with whom they would not have associated with before.”

Reinforce Media Relations’ Role

“I find that brokers continue to reap benefit from an increase in their brokering positions after they have adopted Expertise-Find."

"Nonadopters can be viewed as information providers because Expertise-Find users can contact them for information, but they cannot use Expertise-Find to contact experts.”

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