“One of our writers used it to quickly find an expert.
This is very cool."

Eoin O'Carroll, Online News Editor
Christian Science Monitor

How We Select Experts

We vet all profiles before they are searchable. An expert must be affiliated with an accredited university, four year college or reputable think tank.

You don't need to trust us (much). Judge a Harvard professor
versus one from a small liberal arts college for yourself.

Journalists from Large Outlets to Niche Blog Use Expertise Finder

Free to Search and Contact Experts

How We Make Money

We make money by selling our software to universities and colleges to power experts directories on their sites.

Experts and institutions can sign up for free, but we offer them premium features.

There is no way to buy a core listing, feature an expert or rank higher. No advertising.


No login means we have no way to connect who or what is being searched to an individual.

You get the expert's email. We never have a copy of your correspondence as we do not require you to send a message through our system (we don’t have one).

The Problem We Help Solve

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