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Join Our Network of Experts

Join Our Network of Experts

Promote your experts where journalists and more turn first.

Optimized for Google, optimized for results.

Build Your Brand With An Experts Directory On Your Site

Build Your Brand With An Experts Directory On Your Site

Generate more attention through your experts with a custom experts directory.

Journalists visit 200% more pages than average users with Expertise Finder powered directories.

“Reporters and producers are always on deadline, and Expertise Finder has helped us improve our speed and effectiveness when responding to queries.”

- Lori Bona Hunt, News Service Director
University of Guelph

Why Journalists Look for Experts on Expertise Finder

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Listing With Expertise Finder Gives You



Be Found Among Our 1 Million Google Search Views

Cross Platform Exposure

Cross Platform Exposure

Built for the mobile web with pages that are optimized for every device. 39% of mobile usage comes from iPads.

SEO Optimized

SEO Optimized

73% of traffic comes from search engines.

Who's Searching Our Network of Experts

Journalists from these organizations and more.
Plus government agencies and industry partners wanting to work with experts.

Add a Custom
Experts Directory to your Site

These universities and colleges are redefining faculty promotion.
And, along with others, they use Expertise Finder.

“Journalists get immediate results,
my staff find our experts faster
and we don't have to expend energy
on software or CMS issues”

- Michael Forbes, Manager Public Affairs
Ryerson University

Why You Need an Experts Directory

A formidable experts directory on your site leverages your experts to build your brand, a key to a higher ranking and strong enrollment.

From a professor interviewed on TV after a journalist searched your experts directory to a private sector partnership because your expert ranked high on Google, our experts directory software and experts platform bring more attention to your institution.

Wharton School Research

“Because Expertise-Find can effectively locate the source of information, it reduces the search cost of finding information that is ultimately affecting performance.”

“[B]y contacting people from the search result, users are more likely to reach out to a distant group of people with whom they would not have associated with before.”

Experts Directories We Power Have

350% More Google Traffic

350% More Google Traffic

Grow search engine traffic to your experts directory in year 1

2X Profile Views

2X Profile Views

Maximize brand building opportunities with searches that lead to action

200% Higher Media Engagement

200% Higher Media Engagement

Journalists visit 2X more pages than average users

“Our directory is also used by faculty members looking to collaborate with colleagues in other departments”

- John O'Brien, Media Relations Manager
Athabasca University

Rank Higher

In the era of social media exposure requires being a top search result.

Our SEO optimized pages build your brand on Google by having your experts found before your competitors.

Cross Platform Design

Seamlessly move between desktop, tablet and mobile with views built for every screen size.

39% of mobile traffic on our directories comes from iPads.

Convert mobile web traffic with a native experience.

Identify Your Top Experts

Reach strategic goals using comprehensive analytics. Understand which profiles and search terms are popular.

Compare these numbers with your online brand monitoring, most quoted experts and anecdotal evidence to better allocate resources.

"simple and intuitive, we were able to roll out the product quickly without affecting other large scale projects"

- Sherif El Tawil
Information System and Infrastructure, DMZ

Write and Pitch Better Stories

Empower your staff to write more engaging stories in less time for news and events.
All while answering requests at the speed of the Internet.

No I.T. Needed

With our cloud solution you never have to worry about updates as you always run the latest version. It is built from the ground up to do one thing really well - an experts directory.

Say goodbye to maintaining expensive infrastructure with a solution that grows and adapts to your needs.

Free Profile Setup

Get up and running fast, we can create the initial profiles.
Phone and email support available every step of the way.

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